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Mount Moriah Cemetery: Cleanup Date Announced

Mount Moriah Cemetery, straddling Cobbs Creek in Southwest Philadelphia and Yeadon Borough, is one of the area’s largest and most historic burial grounds. At a reported 380 acres, it’s bigger than Laurel Hill, Woodlands, and Greenwood Cemeteries combined. It is also virtually abandoned, slowly being engulfed in a forest of weeds and a plague of  illegal dumping. Featured on the Preservation Alliance’s 2005 Endangered Properties List, Mount Moriah returned to the news this year when the cemetery, which had remained open for burials and visits despite having no clear owner, abruptly shut down. The City of Philadelphia is now asking the courts to declare the site a public nuisance and assign a new receiver.

While the cemetery’s legal fate plays out, however, there are signs of hope and an opportunity to help. The Friends of Mount Moriah, in conjunction with the City, Greater Philadelphia Cares, and Global Citizen, have organized a day of volunteer action on Saturday, July 16. For the first time in decades, Mount Moriah will be open for debris and weed removal, and all individuals and volunteer groups are eagerly invited to participate.  CLICK HERE for more details, and learn more about Mount Moriah HERE and HERE.  The following is an excerpt from the Scribe Video Center’s documentary “Buried Stones, Buried Dreams.”  The full 10-minute film can be viewed HERE.

Tube Tuesday: Gimme Shelter

Still a functioning SEPTA bus shelter at 33rd and Dauphin, the Strawberry Hill Bus Barn was built in 1901 as Philadelphia’s first and only trolley depot. Meet the neighbors who are fighting to protect this neighborhood landmark from demolition– the sad fate of so many other pieces of Philadelphia’s transit history, including the Fairmount Park station pictured above.

Tube Tuesday: Allen Lane

Via Newsworks and Aaron Warkov, a day in the life of Allen Lane Station, one of six SEPTA regional rail station restoration projects receiving a Preservation Achievement Award at our upcoming Awards Luncheon.  CLICK HERE for more on the event and this year’s other winners.

Tube Tuesday: Spectrum Demolition

Q: If the Spectrum implodes in an apocalyptic dust storm and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

A: Yes, because it’s on Youtube.


Tube Tuesday: They Do Come Back

Field Notes would’ve really jumped the shark with this bizarre piece of medical noir if it weren’t for the choice shots of vintage Philadelphia architecture contained herein– the Art Museum, 2601 Parkway, rowhouses, daylight factories, colonial revival ‘burbs.  Oh, the good old days, when the factories churned and the sanatoriums cured….

This is a Cliff Notes version we edited down from the full 16-minute film found here:

Tube Tuesday: WPVI

WPVI, we hardly knew you.  Demolished earlier this year, Vincent Kling’s donut-shaped television studio on City Line Avenue sure looks like a keeper in this mod-tastic 1963 glimpse into its design and construction, featuring a star turn by Kling himself.   Click on the screenshot above for a link to the video, and apologies in advance for the pre-clip commercial.

Tube Tuesday: A Place to Live

Part John Steinbeck, part Lewis Mumford, part Alfred Hitchcock, all Philadelphia. The more things change….