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Edison Fire

Photo via Philadelphia Inquirer

Even though the former Edison school had been slated for demolition anyways, yesterday’s four-alarm blaze at the long-abandoned site is a disturbing reminder of just how vulnerable so much of Philadelphia’s great architecture sits today.  Though the cause of the fire isn’t yet official, a short list of probable causes is easy to guess– arson,  scrapping accident, careless squatters….  This easily could have been the Divine Lorraine, the Beury Building, Church of the Assumption, the Keystone Bank Building, the Gretz Building, the John Coltrane House, the Poth Brewery, or any other in a soberingly long list of buildings we have grown complacent in seeing vacant and exposed.  The Edison fire should turn up the heat on the City, and on us as its citizens, to demand more for these buildings.  We must use them, or we will lose them.

CLICK HERE for photos of the fire, via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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