Mount Moriah Cemetery: Cleanup Date Announced

Mount Moriah Cemetery, straddling Cobbs Creek in Southwest Philadelphia and Yeadon Borough, is one of the area’s largest and most historic burial grounds. At a reported 380 acres, it’s bigger than Laurel Hill, Woodlands, and Greenwood Cemeteries combined. It is also virtually abandoned, slowly being engulfed in a forest of weeds and a plague of  illegal dumping. Featured on the Preservation Alliance’s 2005 Endangered Properties List, Mount Moriah returned to the news this year when the cemetery, which had remained open for burials and visits despite having no clear owner, abruptly shut down. The City of Philadelphia is now asking the courts to declare the site a public nuisance and assign a new receiver.

While the cemetery’s legal fate plays out, however, there are signs of hope and an opportunity to help. The Friends of Mount Moriah, in conjunction with the City, Greater Philadelphia Cares, and Global Citizen, have organized a day of volunteer action on Saturday, July 16. For the first time in decades, Mount Moriah will be open for debris and weed removal, and all individuals and volunteer groups are eagerly invited to participate.  CLICK HERE for more details, and learn more about Mount Moriah HERE and HERE.  The following is an excerpt from the Scribe Video Center’s documentary “Buried Stones, Buried Dreams.”  The full 10-minute film can be viewed HERE.

One response

  1. Pailette

    Please come out and support this unprecedented volunteer effort to cleanup Mount Moriah. The City of Philadelphia will begin cutting the grass and clearing debris about two weeks prior to July 16th. We need volunteers to rake and help with other small tasks.

    June 29, 2011 at 8:00 am

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