New additions to the Philadelphia Register

At last Friday’s Historical Commission meeting, five new properties were approved for listing on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places: four neighborhood bank buildings and the historic interiors of the Family Court Building, providing protection from demolition and adverse alteration. For more information on the designation process and criteria for inclusion, CLICK HERE.

Left: PSFS South Broad Branch, 2001-07 South Broad Street (Mellor, Meigs & Howe, 1924) CLICK HERE for the nomination.

Center: PSFS West Philadelphia Branch, 15 S. 52nd Street (Mellor, Meigs & Howe, 1926) CLICK HERE for the nomination.

Right: PSFS Lehigh Branch, 1025 W. Lehigh Avenue (Mellor, Meigs & Howe, 1924) CLICK HERE for the nomination.

Rosenbaum Bank, 603-05 S. 3rd Street (Magaziner & Potter, 1907)

Family Court Interiors and Murals, 1801 Vine Street (John T. Windrim and William R.M. Keast, architects, 1941) CLICK HERE and HERE for the nomination.


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