Mod Winners Announced

Montgomery & Bishop’s District Health Center #1, Louis Kahn’s Richards Medical Labs, and I.M. Pei’s Society Hill Towers were among the top vote-getters in the Alliance’s recent “I Like Mod” online poll of Philadelphia’s favorite mid-century modern architecture. Over 1600 votes were cast for 65 buildings in ten categories. Surprise winners included Juniata Park’s Ferko Playground (Parks and Plazas), North Philadelphia’s Holy Cross Lutheran Martin Luther King Jr. Center (Religious Buildings) and a photo-finish tie between Old City’s National Products and Tacony’s Stein Flowers (Storefronts). A few interesting sidenotes: Mitchell/Giurgola buildings took top honors in two categories, while Venturi Scott Brown, despite competing in four categories, failed to rank higher than third place.  And of the eleven winning sites, only four (National Products, Society Hill Towers, Richards Medical Labs and the United Fund building) are currently protected on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.  CLICK HERE or on the ribbon above for the complete list of winners, and thanks to everyone who voted!


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